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‘The Night Parade’ is my first book. I wrote it when my son Teddy was a baby, and I used to push him around in the park and make up stories about the secret lives of the other babies we used to pass by. I would imagine these seemingly angelic and placid little darlings getting into all kinds of mischief while their mommies and daddies were sleeping. Little did their parents know that their tiny cute toddlers were off flying rocket ships and dancing the tango under the stars.

The book I am currently working on is about the secret lives of grownups and the crazy things they get up to at night. Forget paying the bills and cooking soup - these parents are wacky circus freaks! So stay tuned for more updates...

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"Nighttime can’t just be for sleeping; what do toddlers really do at night? 

“Have you ever wondered what happens at night / while mothers and fathers lie sleeping? // Children wake up. / They climb out of their beds, / some crawling, some / running, some leaping.” They gather together and skip through town. They sing songs and bake cakes for the moon. “They build castles of sand. / They paint pictures by hand. / They turn somersault / flips through the park.”

They dress up and march and read mountains of books and tell each other magical tales. But with each tale, they get dozier and dozier until they toddle back to bed and say goodbye to friends as the moon goes down. Despite one tiny hiccup in the meter at the close, Roscoe’s rhyme makes a great rhythmic bedtime tale. Little listeners will be eager to lay down their heads with the prospect of a night’s adventure with whales and mermaids. In Walker’s watercolors, a multiethnic crew of young, happy revelers marches and plays musical instruments by the light of a smiling moon…a utopia of cakes, costume and play. A fine addition to the bedtime story shelf—it practically croons itself. (Picture book. 2-5)  Kirkus Review

"The Night Parade is a goodnight book filled with the whimsical wilderness of children's imaginations just before they fall asleep. Written by first time author, Lily Roscoe, and illustrated by bestselling illustrator, David Walker, THE NIGHT PARADE is a truly dreamworthy read-aloud."  Good Reads

"Writing with the smooth, propulsive cadence of a nursery rhyme, newcomer Roscoe weaves a story of gentle nighttime magic starring a multiethnic crew of children. “Have you ever wondered what happens at night/ while mothers and fathers lie sleeping?” she asks. “Children wake up. They climb out of their beds,/ some crawling, some running, some leaping.” Walker (Bears in the Bath), working in pastel-colored watercolors outlined in ink, paints a friendly suburban landscape for these young insomniacs to explore, one that never feels anything less than safe and secure—a smiling crescent moon takes the place of a supervising adult, keeping an eye on the children from the night sky above. Despite the slightly illicit suggestion of kids climbing out windows and sneaking out doors while parents are sleeping, everything they get up to is as innocent as can be, from romping barefoot through city streets and baking towers of giant cupcakes to reading books under the watchful eye of a lavender whale. It’s soothing fodder for children’s imaginations at bedtime (even for those who opt to stay tucked into their beds). Up to age 3."  Publisher's Weekly