A little bit about me


I was a baby in Paris, a kid in New York and now a grownup in London. I feel pretty lucky to have lived in the three coolest cities in the world. I also feel lucky because I had the most amazing parents who filled our house with books and more books and, now I have the most amazing children who inspire me to write and read new stories everyday.

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved books about what happens after everyone has gone to bed. There is something so exciting about night-time – the idea that people or nocturnal animals might be doing secret things in the moonlight while everyone else is sleeping. I like the way night-time stories often blur real life with dream life. It’s fun to have that mystery. Did those things really happen or were they just a dream?


Now that I am a mom (of three dreamy little boys) I have become super inspired by the stuff my kids dream about. Last night my son Walter dreamt that I was a baby lamb skipping around in a forest looking for snacks. Dreams allow you to imagine and transform the impossible into something real, and writing stories lets you do that too, which is why I became an author.